Sunday, October 14, 2007

五块钱 Fellowship

Look at the amount of food that we have. That is not the point but it is $5 only! ($5/each)We order canadian pizza and ta bao zi cha from my house's downstair coffeeshop and a spring chicken. For the first time, the mee goreng from the zi cha taste delicious. And we celebrated Susan's brithday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!

We ended our service last night and decided come my house for fellowship. Now, after the bugis wanton mee, we think that this is the best fellowship place to be in. Going to do it monthly, hehehe.

Oh and below is the 2 week of gift that I receive from Week 2 angel. It's a $20 Diva vouchers. THANKS ANGEL!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF MY ANGELS!!!!! This time, it harder for me to guess. I will have to observe for the next next week and guess liao. Give me some clue please. =)

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