Sunday, October 14, 2007

Angels & Mortals

Got a lot of back dated post. Hee...

This is from my beloved 2 girls, Caihui & Christy. They went shopping together and bought this for me. So sweet of them to have always remember me. =)

And this is from Angel H. Hahaha. Our cg have started playing the Angel & Mortal game. It will be over a period of 6 weeks, nice timing as the O level will have ended by then and it will calls forth a big celebration together.

What is this game about? Everyone of us will have 2 identity, we will be angel and mortal at the same time. So each angel will be assign to a mortal. They will secretly bless their mortals through different means, etc, sending emails and sms from unknown source. Each week, we will have a theme. The mortal have to try to find out who is his/her angel then. For the first week, we started with buying cg refreshment for our mortals. As I am the "controller" of the games, to make sure all the angels do their work. I'm not participating. But my dearest cg have planned for everyone to take turn and be my angels every week. So below is the crepe with chocolate and nuts that I have received. Yummy yummy! Thanks ANGELs!

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