Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A lot of things had happened lately. A lot of thoughts is going through my mind right now. Eveything had ended. When I woke up, I can feel loneliness and emptiness begin to step in. A kind of familiar feeling that I had always felt before I was saved. I know I am not alone, 've God and Ricky and my family and friends still with me. I know I have to move on to a new level of my life, a new stage.

Many times, I asked myself, am I really that strong? Or forcing myself to be strong? I felt so weak and fragile on the inside of me. I must be strong for the sake of the people that is around me. But I am not a superwoman, I am imperfect too.

Yet, I took on responsibilities, the role to comfort another, to counsel, to lead, to be a role model, to do everything I can. My family thinks that I am strong and had able to handle all these things. Maybe yes. But I am really so tired. I wanna stay in my comfort zone. I don't really feel like moving on. I need to wrestle between my flesh and spirit... I know that God is with me. There is a time and season for everything, a time to cry, a time to mourn... I had to move on.

"when I am weak, You make me strong."

The Bible encourages me.
I feel like giving up, He kept me again.
He blessed me to be a salt and light onto my family.
I am tired but God's grace sustained me through it all.
Thoughts began to sink in but God renews my mind afresh.
I felt so heavy, God took away my burdens.
His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
I am lost, He had given me His direction.
I felt empty, His love falls down.
I am strengthless, God's strength came.

And now I choose to move on...

Thanks to all who have came and comforted me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rose Vanilla Cupcakes

Leftovers of tea leaves and cranberries, with the suggestion of Caihui and Siying, I used them to make muffins. Caihui's comments was very cute, she said after eating the cupcake, it makes her feel very womanly. And Siying comments that when she talks, the people around her can smell her the fragrance. Their expression and reaction is so funny. =D

The cupcake looks very pretty. Recipes for cupcake is here. In additional, I added:

2 tbsp of rosebud tea leaves chopped finely
Chopped cranberries for sprinkling on top

After mxing in all batter, add in the rosebud and mixed well. Scope to about slightly more than 3/4 full and then sprinkly some cranberries bits on top and ready to baked.

Shortbread Cookies

This recipe is taken from Aunty Yochana. The sweetness is just nice, hence do not need to reduce the sugar. But I find that it is a little too flaky, didn't really achieve those melt-in-your-mouth texture. Perhaps, I will try reducing the rice flour next time.


120 gm. Plain flour
60 gm. Rice flour
60 gm. castor sugar
120 gm. SCS Butter (rroom temperature)
1 tsp. Vanilla Essence
1 Tbsp. fine sugar - for sprinkling

I have added about 1 tbsp of chopped rosebud tea leaves for the fragrance. And also did another portion using my all time favorite cranberry. (optional)


Mix all the ingredients together. Do not overwork your dough. Knead lightly only and the lesser you knead, the flakier the shortbread becomes. Make into small balls and press with a cookie stamp. Sprinkle some fine sugar on top.

Bake at 160C for about 15 mins. Cookies should be pale colour after baking.

Tiramisu (Pic)

Apologies for the lack of update. I have still been baking but there isn't anything new, hence didn't post. Made 2 tiramisu for my colleagues. And below is a long overdue pic of a tiramisu that I've made for Faith's birthday last year. Recipe can be found here. Oh, I wanted to make mention that I will encourage those who want to make a good tiramisu, please always use Mascapone cheese instead of replacing it with the normal cream cheese. The taste and texture are quite different. But mascapone cheese has 3 times more fats content compared to the normal cream cheese ya (-.-''')