Friday, February 15, 2008

Rose Vanilla Cupcakes

Leftovers of tea leaves and cranberries, with the suggestion of Caihui and Siying, I used them to make muffins. Caihui's comments was very cute, she said after eating the cupcake, it makes her feel very womanly. And Siying comments that when she talks, the people around her can smell her the fragrance. Their expression and reaction is so funny. =D

The cupcake looks very pretty. Recipes for cupcake is here. In additional, I added:

2 tbsp of rosebud tea leaves chopped finely
Chopped cranberries for sprinkling on top

After mxing in all batter, add in the rosebud and mixed well. Scope to about slightly more than 3/4 full and then sprinkly some cranberries bits on top and ready to baked.


amandalwh said...

okie, your silent reader shall make a post here today!

rosebuds in cupcakes! *gasp* tat's a cool idea~ ^^ i shall try it soon to use up my rosebuds~

Btw cuen! i have tagged you for MeMe! =)


Cuen said...

hihi amanda, hope u'll like it too. =)