Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pralet from IK

This is also on my to-bake-list for a long long time. Finally, I did it. Eh, actually was unsuccessful the first time due to the mousse which was to watery. Was sort of successful on the 2nd try. But perhaps, I didn't really use good quality chocolate and I think I didn't do it with 100% heart. It didn't turn out that well.

However, this was highly recommended and rave in Imperial Kitchen. Below is the recipe from Jo.

PS: no pics, as it looks very ugly.

45g plain flour
10 g coco powder
2 eggs
70g sugar
26g corn oil

1. whisk egg with sugar till fluffy
2. add in flour n coco powder, and fold
3. add in melted butter and bake at 170 degree for 45 mins
(i use 7 inch pan)
4. when cooled, slice cake into 3 layer.

Praline crunch
90 g nutella
25 g bitter chocolate converture (mellted)
30 g feullteine
20 g melted butter

1. Mix nutella, melted chocolate n butter together.
2. add in feulletine and mix well

Chocolate mousse:
125 g whipped cream
125g bitter chocolate (melted)
1 eggs
28g sugar
10 g water
5tsp rum
5 tsp grand marnier

1. whisk egg till fluffy, at same time boil sugar n water together (be careful it will get burnt v easily)
2. when egg are fluffy, pour in syrup and whisk till cooled
3. melt chocolate and mix into the whipped cream, then add egg mixture into the chocolate mixture.
4. Add in the rum and grand marnier.

1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder
170 g nestle cream
35 g Fine Sugar
60 g Unsalted Butter
1 Tabsp corn oil

melt everythg together and stir in corn oil.

1. put 1 layer of sponge in cake ring, put the pralien crunch on top and spread evenly.
2. put in 1 more layer of sponge then spread on half the chocolate mousse filling.
3. put in the last layer of sponge then the mousse again.
4. top with the frosting and let it set.

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