Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Basic Butter Cake

I got them from Xinying. She attended some baking classes and generously offered to share them with me. =D So thankful to her. But I am not able to share the recipe here, thou I have tweaked them slightly. You can ask me for my version if you want ya.

This butter cake is very nice, I just give "phoon huat" butter but the cake is already with very rich buttery aroma. The taste was just nice, soft and not too dense either. Thumbs up.



Ming Jie said...

Hi Cuen,

Can you e mail me the recipe? Would like to try.. :)

lyn said...

Hi Cuen, I love butter cakes. Could you share recipe with me. Tk you.

cuencuen said...

Hi, I will be posting the final version of Cuen's butter cake recipe. =)

Anonymous said...

hi,,sis,,,would appreciates if u could share the basic butter cakes recipe,,,itz laways our family favourite,,,if u care,,kindli email me at:jayne@almech.com.sg,,appprciates so much,,,

Cuen said...

Hi, had replied your email. I had posted the recipe under marble cuen's butter cake. =)

I love that very much and have been using it as a base recipe for many of my bakes. Hope you and family will enjoy it. =)