Monday, November 16, 2009

Fondant Cake learning with Lee Lee for Atalie's Birthday

I was so blessed to be able to learn from Lee Lee over the weekend. I approached her to teach me how to make a 2 tier fondant cake for Atalie's birthday. As a baker myself, I must feel the birthday for Atalie myself instead of buying. Lee Lee was so generous to teach me a lot of things and give me a lot of tips and ideas.

Thanks so much Lee Lee for the lovely scones, I am coming to your class on 12 Dec ya. =) So thankful, your maid even help me to take care of Atalie while I am learning with you. I even got a ride home. How blessed can that be.

Talking about the cake, it was really a lot of work to do. Lee Lee had already prepare 1 x 6inch and 1 x 8 inch steam moist chocolate cake, sandwich and cover them with chocolate ganache. And not to forget the marshmallow fondant and sugar paste. We spend 4 hours together just making figures and decorating the cake itself.

These are the figurines that we have made. They are all made using sugarpaste. They hold better in humid weather like this. And dry much faster as well.

I love this. I always think that these cupcakes faces look great. I made the girl and the baby and boy were done by Lee Lee. Girl is me, baby is Atalie and boy is Ricky. Hee, my family.

This is the star for today. As there are 2 layers of cakes, Lee Lee covered 1 with marshmallow (pink layer), and 1 with sugarpaste (yellow layer). You can see from the picture, the yellow layer was matt, smooth and nice, while the pink layer was glossy/sweating. Marshmallow will definitely taste better but doesn't holds well. So see what is your objective then?

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