Sunday, September 23, 2007

Muah Chee (Microwave)

This is Ricky's favorite.

Recipe from Gina at KC:

250g glutinous rice flour
375ml water (I add a little more water to have a softer texture)
2 Tbp. shallot oil (I use corn oil)

Mix (A) in a Pyrex bowl and microwave on High for 7 mins. Cut into tiny pieces using a kitchen scissor and drop it into the peanuts and sugar mixture. Coat well and serve immediately.

250g peanuts, toasted and grind
50g sugar

Mixed (B) together to create peanuts and sugar mixture.


Anonymous said...

Can I steam it instead of microwave? no microwave at home lol!

Cuen said...

hihi, actually the tradition method of cooking muah chee is by steaming it. Microwaving is the improvised version.

So you can definately steam it but the quantities need to be adjust. I will post up the steam version soon ya.

Anonymous said...

thank you.