Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doremon Doriyaki


My sis-in-law, Ivy shared with me this recipe. Very fun and easy to make too. The pancake is a little on the dry side, not sure is it because I replaced water with milk, hmm.


2 eggs
100 sugar
1tbsp honey
50ml water (I used milk)
120g cake flour, sieved
Red bean paste

Whisk the eggs and sugar together till thick and fluffy.
Add in honey and water, mixed well.
Whisk in the flour. Let rest for half an hour.
Use a little oil for the pan. I used the smallest heat on my stove. Pour appropriate amount of batter to pan fried it.
Flip over when you see bubbles starts to form on the surface.

For red bean paste, you can make your own or buy it off the shelf.

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