Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Passion: CROCHET

This is one of my greatest love. CROCHET. Its a one needle knitting in simple terms lah. I have stop doing for a long time already probably about 5 years ago. Had picked this up about 8-9 years ago.

Talking about the picture that I posted. This is the "Biggest" project that I have ever started. Started this... 5-6 years ago, heeee. Thank God, it was very well kept, the threads didn't turn yellow or change colors. This is a bag that is made up mofits all patched up together. It is not exactly easy to do, as there is many steps to it. First the flower, then the leaves then the white portion and green trimming + the backing just for 1 mofit. There is a total of 19 mofits including the base. And talk about the hiding of all the lose threads... But finally I'm finishing it very soon, will post the complete picture of it once done. Very excited, look forward to it! =)

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