Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hubby's Birthday

I will consider this year as the best of all the 14 years that I have knew him, to have really done something extra nice for his birthday. Being me, I'm not someone who likes to celebrate my birthday, usually I hace no clue what can I do. For me, just something sweet and thoughtful, that's enough + over the years = I will like to have lots of gifts too, vouchers are good, heehe...

Okies, back to my topic. I really want to thank WENSHAN, CAIHUI, SIYING, MINGJIE, JUNYONG, SUSAN, RYAN AND GINA for going the extra mile to give Ricky a suprise celebration! He was really suprised and felt very touched. He appreciated it lots too. Thank my dearest good fren SHAN for going the extra mile for me & Ricky. Haiz, lend my camera to my mum didn't manage to have any photos taken. They bought those really party stuff, like party hats, the blower, poppers, etc. Thou it seems very old-fashion, not unusual but I tell you its the thoughts that really counts! It was fun and I will say a very well-done celebration! They even wrote a song for him as a present. Its really nice.

For my part, I spend quality time with him. I planned the whole day of program to spend with him. It was our date. =) We had lunch with Keepeng at Jerk Thai (unplanned), then head off to MS to walk walk and then catch the movie, Fantastic4(II). It was quite a nice show. Then we went to Chjimes to have our dinner which was recommended by my colleage. It is a Japanese BBQ place called Gyu-Kaku. Definately a place to go back again and again, the food is really very nice. It quite X thou, erm okay lah, we spent $84 in total, to have beef, salmon, calamari, cabbage, hot stone bowl rice, french spinach salad! They served top quality beef. We will the prepared charcoal to cook our raw food. Even just cabbage without any seasoning, taste very nice and very juicy.

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