Sunday, September 23, 2007

Snowskin mooncake - Yam Paste

The texture of the below snowskin is more towards the chewy kind.

Snowskin Mooncakes
Source: She bakes and she cooks

Makes about 40 small mooncakes. The weight for the skin and paste depends onthe mould.

115 Hong Kong Flour (steam for 15 mintues, leave to cool)
115 kou fen
210g icing sugar
1 tablespoon shortening
5 tablespoons cold water*
1 teaspoon banana essence (for fragrance, if you are not adding any flavouring)
2 tablesspoons Hong Kong Flour (mix with 2 tablespoons hot water to form hot dough)

1 kg yam paste

Sieve kuo fen and Hong Kong flour, add in icing sugar. Make a well in the centre, add shortening, banana essence, water and hot dought, and knead until smooth. Roll the dough and wrap paste, press into moon cake mould.
Knock mooncake out from mould and serve.

*Note: I have added quite a few more tablespoon of water, probably about 10 tbsp in total.

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