Saturday, May 9, 2009

My loves - Atalie

DSC02497aill been baking here and there but didn't really have the chance to post up the recipes. Will do it in the next few post.

Mothers' Day is coming. Being a mother myself since end last year, I finally realise how great sacrifice and love that every mother had for her child is. It was really challenging. Everyday you will learn new things, it's an adventure. I have come to understand that with just the head knowledge it is not enough but the experience that really counts. And again by God's grace, I came out of the challenges strong. I know more is to come but I'm prepared.

All things is possible with God. I have a lot of people asking me, telling me, how do you cope with so many things. Working full-time, studying 3-4 days after work every week and having to take care of a baby now. I have really learn alot, learning how to even abased and abound even more, depending on God, seeking Him, trusting Him. God's timing is always PERFECT! I've always believe that I can do it, it's tough but it will be all worthwhile for the glory of God. The thing that keep me on was really to be a living example to all those around me. :)

Le Xuan is now 4 months and 1 week old. She has mastered the skills of flipping over like 2 weeks back. It's such a joy to be able to see how every little progress she makes. I just felt very bless to be able to go through with her the growing up journey. And last Sunday, I started feeding her cereal and she enjoys it very much. (Guess next time she will be a 小贪吃) I really enjoy every bit of motherhood.

Shall stop here, do something nice for your mothers this week ya.

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