Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Butter Cookies

I was looking for a nice butter cookie recipes. Found one that I liked it. I have added in some chocolate chips and cranberry. The picture below is the second try. It was very well received by my friends when I gave them during X'mas as a gift for them. So was asked to baked an "A" cookie for my friend's daughter 1 year old birthday celebration to give away as doorgifts.

Butter (Heart) Cookies from Kitchen Capers

500g butter (soft, but not melted)
1.5 cup icing sugar (sifted)
2 eggs
3 tsp vanilla essence
5 cups plain flour

1. Sift plain flour 3 times.
2. Cream the butter and sugar until light (drops easily with a ligh flick of the spatula)
3. Add egg and vanilla essence and mix well.
4. Fold in flour till it becomes a soft dough.
5. Wrap the dough with baking sheet and refrigerate for 45mins.
6. Roll dough into 0.5cm thickness and cut into desired shapes with a cookie cutter.
7. Bake in preheated oven at 200 degress for 10 mins or till golden brown.

Note 1. I usually divide the dough into smaller portions and take it out one at a time to work on them individually. 2. Keep dough in the fridge, unless you are using them.

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