Monday, December 28, 2009

Atalie's 1st Birthday

The day has finally come and IT is finally out and completed. Yes, Cuen is satisfied with the work. thou there is quite a few hipcups along the way. I think IT has scored 99 marks. I'm talking about the birthday cake for my darling, Atalie. It is her 1st birthday party. I have planned over a period of 2 months on just the cake itself and made it over 3 days. It was really tiring but worth every single bit of effort.

My sketches

I want to thank Lee Lee and Ginny for helping me out on the birthday cake. Thanks so much for sharing with me your precious knowledge. And not to forget my Daddy Hubby who help to take care of Atalie while I'm busy preparing the cake.

Caihui has helped me to prepare a montage but the projector is not working. Hope to post it up on youtube or facebook for viewing.

Process of making the cake.
Day 1, I had to mould all the figurines to ensure it drys on time.

Day 2, I baked the cake and frosted it with chocolate ganache.
Top tier: 6 inch cranberry butter cake. Bottom tier: 8 inch steam moist chocolate cake.

Day 3, assembling of the cake with fondant.

The figurine was tough as the joints of the girl refuses to stick, keep coming on. If you notice closely, as the end of the day, the girl has got no more nose. It dropped off and I'm too tiring to doing anything about it. The sugar paste recipe calls for gelatine foil but I couldn't get it then, hence I replace with gelatine powder. The effect turn out bad, as I was rolling the fondant, I could see the un-dissolve gelatin still there. It was somehow patchy. As my based fondant is white, I had to be very careful as I've used chocolate ganache.

This is the finished and final product.


Tab said...

Hi cuen
may I know which cutter u used for the letters? Where can I buy it?

Cuen said...

Hi Tab,

You can get them from phoon huat. It is those plastic light cream/yellow color cutters. Should be less than $10. The size is about 1" tall.

Tab said...

Forgot to tell u that ur cake is very nicely done! I'm sure ur gal loves it. It must hv awe all the people who attended her party. Thot of making a tiered cake for my boy too but I'm quite clueless abt it. U hv a video on YouTube or sth so I can follow? Do u need to use any support stocks for this cake?

Cuen said...

Hi Tab, thanks so much for your kind words.

I don't have any video. It is actually quite simple. Leave me your email. I can email you in details how it is being assemble. Too lengthy to put it here. =)

Tab said...

Hi cuen, thk u! U r very kind to share ur knowledge. Pls contact me at

Cuen said...

Hi Tab,

I have just email you. Not sure if you can understand. If there is chance again, I will do a step by step phototaking. =)

Tracy said...

Hi, I tried making the steam moist chocolate cake but it sinks in the center. Why is it so? Can I also have the detail on hwo to assmeble a 2 tier cake? This is my e mail

Cuen said...

Hi Tracy,

Will reply your queries shortly.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I've always wanted to attempt a fondant cake but was detered by the sweetness of it. Your cake looks gorgeous!

Cuen said...

Hi blessed homemaker, thanks a lot.

Actually it is not very sweet. I've made a lot of fondant cakes/cupcakes for orders and friends, the feedback I always get is that they find it not too sweet as to what they imagine. :)

Fondant is amazing craft, I love doing it. :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

I hope I will attempt this one day. Thanks for sharing.