Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Caihui & Ivy's birthday

I specially made for the cake for Caihui's and Ivy's birthday.

Shan, Eileen and Caihui came over for steamboat on Sunday evening. The steamboat was good and yummy except with a few hipcups along the way. Thank God, everything still went on well. I've used the steamed moist chocolate cake recipe and cover with chocolate gananche and some fondant decor.

Today, I baked another one for Ivy's birthday using the exact same recipe. However the chocolate gananche didn't turn out the same it was rather watery. I will indicate the methods in detail that I used to make in the next post. First chocolate gananche work very well, it didn't melt even thou it was put outside for a long while..

Hence, I had to redo the fondant for Ivy's birthday. Thank God, there is enough time and it actually turn out even better. I use the chocolate favor fondant from Bakels and my own made sugar paste for the rest of the decor.


For Ivy (1st try)

For Ivy (2nd try)

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