Monday, July 5, 2010

She loves me cake

This is a recipe from Rose Levy B. I just bought her "Rose's Heavenly Bakes". I must say this is one of the best baking books I have ever owned by far. Her details written down in the book has really impressed me greatly. (I am someone that will take time to read through the entire book everytime when I have gotten a new one, from the introduction, baking tools, ingredients, etc.) Most books would most likely cover the same things, but hers was of extreme details and more details! I love details.

I have got to learn so much from her book. Her mixing method is different from the usual methods you would use or see. It is simple and best thing is that it doesn't require sifting of flours. =D Less things to wash. She has this 2-steps mixing method, whereby you will combined all dry ingredient together and using a electric mixer to mix till combine follow by adding in of the butter and then egg/milk etc.

This is the very first recipe I have tried out, it uses only egg yolks. The texture was very soft, light and tender. For those who is interested in the recipe, please send me a message. =)

Below are the pictures of the bakes with my new bakewares from Pantry Magic and Shermay's.


Ta-b said...

Hi cuen, where did u purchase that book? Ur cake looks beautiful with the cake mold!

Cuen said...

Hi tab, u can get it from Borders. :)