Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Emerge 2007!

Oh have not been updating for a long long time. Got so much to update. Gotta update about the 2 tablespoon brownies, steamboat, muffins, emerge... Seems like alot, hopefully I can still recall. =)
There is so many photos taken for Emerge 2007, couldn't decide what to put so I combine them into a collage. =)

THIS IS the greatest year of all. It really exciting. I have learnt soooo much. I love God even more. I love my cg even more. Wow, it just simply set me on fire. I really see many people changed completely. Emerge is really a life-changing experience. It not about all the hype and excitement in the air. Pastor Kong didn't really preach a "hype-up" msg for the 8 services. He is a powerful man of God! He taught us about the basic, he shared with us about how to love God more, how to overcome challenges. All these msg, some of us may have heard them many times, but it the presence of God that have really touched the hearts of many. I loved the last msg that he preached. The best for the last. He spoked about sounding of the last trumpet. We are living in the Kairos moment, where people are really open to spiritual things and wanted to know God. All of us have this trumpet in our hands for us to sound it. We bring it from places to places to proclaim liberty. Wow, this trumpet was in the hands of many great men, from Moses-Joshua-Samuel-David-Eljah-Elisah-Joel-angels-Jesus-Peter-Paul-John-Martin Lurther-John Weshley- Billy Graham- Benny Hinn... and the list go on. All the children of God today, let really use the trumpet you have in your hand today to proclaim the good news of the gospel. It is not about doing something great but it is starting to make a difference today by REALLY CHANGING THE LIVES ONE AT A TIME. Friends, I hope all of us can start some where some how, hmm.. why not start now. We don't have many more years to go. Use whatever you have and impact the marketplace NOW! Don't let the trumpet turn rusty in your hands. =)

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