Sunday, August 26, 2007

Extra Mile

Hmm... I think I have an overdose of baking. I have been baking like soooooooo much. Right now, I am telling myself, "I need a break, should stop baking for the next 1 month." Possible? Haha, I really don't know. Think I might just start to miss baking very much in another few days time (-.-''') Anyway I have made 3 Banana Choc Mousse in like 4days. I have baked another batch of the real brownie, 2 chiffon choc cake, 1 butter cake....... for my colleagues, my classmates, my mother-in-law birthday, etc. All these is just within 4 days. Not to mention that I have been baking quite a few items every week non-stop. AIYO!!!

Below are pics of people who LOVE me. Huh??? ...I thought of I wanted to spend time fellowship with those whom I didn't get to meet on Tuesday. So I fixed up a day with them. Actually it wasn't really necessary AND I was really very packed in my schedule leaving me with not much time at all BUT I decided that I wanted to go the extra-mile for my people. I managed to squeeze out some time to meet them for dinner and specially brought along the banana choc mousse for them. I have to sarcifice my time on something important for them. And last minute out of the 5 people that I am meeting, only Christy and Hongjie turn up + Caihui who came the extra-mile for me (cos she already met me on Tue, so actually no need to come de). In the begining I was quite sad and disappointed, even thou they might have a valid reason. This set me thinking, how many of my people had really cared and loved me? Maybe they just can't be bother and maybe they might not even know the existence of this blog, living a life of "I-Me-Myself", too occupied to care or find out... And I tot of if I were them, and I am going to meet my leader, I will go no matter what happens, I will be so concern about my leader's life, can't wait to press into her life and I want to catch hold of every opportunity to spend time with her.

Don't get me wrong, I am not thinking negatively. But I will surely continue to let God's love flow through me to others. I know what I sowed in the life of the person, I might not reap from them. I will definately reaped lah, according to God's law of harvest, but not from the same source loh. At least, I am very thankful for Christy, Hongjie and especially CAIHUI. They came and meet me for dinner. I was late but they weren't angry and I can feel from the bottom of my heart that they really appreciate the time spent together. AND I APPRECIATE IT ALOT TOO! Probably even if it is just 1 person turn up, I will still be glad cos I have 1 faithful person with me. Maybe if nobody... I still have God, who is the same, yesterday today and forever!!! What I have sowed, it will not be sowed in vain. And at least again, I have my Caihui who loves me very much. That is one of my consolation. Plus God loves me very very very much!

"I LOVE YOU" - Caihui

This is from Caihui to me. It is very special. As it is a representation of I Love You. Only the few honoured one will get it from her, and I am one of them.

Hongjie Christy, Me and Caihui

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