Friday, December 21, 2007

Baked with love (UPDATED!)

Updates! Presenting to you Baked with love from Cuen and SHAN! This is orange cranberry biscotti. Will be posting the recipe in a separate post. All you out there who receive them, hope you like it ya. =) And Merry Xmas!

Something is coming up. But shall not reveal it now. =P

My good friend, Shan and I have been baking for 8 hours yesterday. It's something hard but not cookies. Wanna know? Don't tell you. Come back again to check it out. Haha.

This is very nice. It is not as hard as the traditional type. But the taste is indeed very refreshing with orange and cranberries. Below is the gift tag that I have made to attach it to the bake. For those that is coming on Sat, please look for me ya. Else Santa Claus Cuen and Shan, might run out of bakes to give. Hahaha...


Little Corner of Mine said...

I like the lovely card you made to attach with the cookies! Very nice!

Cuen said...

thank thanks =)