Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone.
This year, I finally decided that I should wanna do some baking for my colleagues. I have been baking so much but had hardly brought my bakes for them. So at the very last minute, I finally decided to do my favourite, BROWNIE MUFFINS. I know I have been baking this so many times. This is just so nice and easy to make. This is my comfort "bake". One recipe that will never fail.

Short of time, as I have got class on Mon and Tue, Wednesday is the last day that I can pass to them as after that most of them won't be back till next year le. I started my night baking again on Tue. In the midst of class, I try to recall what are the ingredients that I need and with the help of my husband to help me buy some of the items I needed. I didn't bake enough, as I run out of baking chocolate...

It's finally done at 2am in the morning. =)
Had liked it, cos it is so pretty. I actually used the christmas design cupcake but couldn't really tell. Still I think its lovely... =)

Credits again to Stephanie who posted this recipe. And also to Delicious Days who posted up the gift tags last year year for usage. Thanks thanks thanks!

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