Saturday, December 1, 2007

A long long break

Hi everyone, so sorry. I know my blog is turning green now. Covered with algae.


Had been baking as and when but didn't try out any new recipes. And I was really very busy with my work, studies and now the BREAKAWAY CAMP. Just finished my exams a few days ago. Pray that I will be able to clear all my 3 papers=) Thank God for seeing me through it all!

My cg has officially now in the Sunday service at Jurong West. Yay, I'm looking forward to the good old days, of how I have grown so much in the Lord. I'm going for there in a few hours time. This is not looking at the past, but we are going to crown God with greater glory in our Jurong West building. God is always good.

Have been busy preparing for the Breakaway Camp that is just 2 weeks away, to be exact, 10 days counting down. It's going to be a lot of fun. And this is the very first church camp that I am attending. It's been so long since church has organises a camp activities. I am looking forward to it. All the leaders are very excited about it too. We all have been very diligently and working very hard to plan for this camp. We are doing it with all of our hearts! Do join us together and create the best out of it!!!

Now back to my baking... Today, for a long time, I was free on Saturday. I started my baking marathon again. Had chocolate chip cookies (premix from awfully chocolate), swiss roll and chocolate chip cupcakes. Before this, I had did my usual rounds like butter cake, brownies(in 10 mins just for caihui;)) I will load up the photos and the recipes soon.

This is a very long post ya. Hee. One more thing, I am home alone now. Everyday in a month, I will be home alone. As Ricky will need to stay incamp for his monthly duty. Of course, I am not afraid but I like it. Once in a while, I really appreciate those moments that I can be alone. Enjoyed those moments of being alone with no disturbance at all.... signing off now.

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