Monday, December 31, 2007

With Thanksgiving

And this will be my last post for 2007.

A quick summary. This year has been a tough going year for me. I just feel that I had gone through much than the previous year. There isn't any major thing that happened to me except for one. But there is a lot of little little things that kept hitting along the way that would have cause you to fall. In this year, I have indeed learn much and a time of waiting upon the Lord at many times.

At the end of 2006, I took a step of faith to stretch myself further to take a west cg. I had to manage my time even better. Time was already so tight for me. For those who knew me, every single minute is being use to the max. And I took on a part-time degree course with 2-3 time of lesson every week which I really have felt God has been speaking to me for the past 2 years ever since I finished my SOT in 2004. I have to miss the Tue meetings and change my cg day very often. I literally had left with no time. And in the month of December, my church started a new service back in Jurong West building. My cg was allocated to go for service instead. This a another big sacrifice. Not only I have to travel, but Ricky & I are in different services. Sunday is usually a family day for me. For God, anything! I am still alive here today. =)

So I wanna thank all of you who had walked closely with me for 2007.

Firstly, I want to the big thanks to God, my Father, Savior and Friend. He has lifted me up when I was down. Many times that I cried, He is there to bring me peace and comfort and shower me with His love. He shared all of my burdens together. All these while, when I was insecure, He affirms me again. He given me wisdom, strength and lots of grace through this year. Thank God, I want to love you forever and ever and ever and ever......

Next, is of my dear husband Ricky. Thank you so much. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do so much things. You have empower me in every area of my life. Thank you dear for always being so patient with me, waiting for me when I am late, tolerate my occasional mood swings. Thank you for always giving your best to me. Thank you for all your sacrifices. I love you very much.

Yah Lan. She is my leader. I am so thankful to have her. She believes in me. Just a look from her makes my heart melt. In her eyes, I sense the real love of God. I see Jesus in her. Yah Lan, thank you for have faith in me and all of your grace towards me. If not for you I will not have been able to make it till today. Thanks for all your love.

Wenshan. My dearest friend. It is in this year of 2007, that we grew to become even closer. We had went through a lot of things together. I hope that for the past 12 month, I had manage to be a friend and a good support to you in many ways. You are the next person that has seen my occasional mood swings. Thank you for tolerating with me. =) I am so happy to be able to grow in the Lord together with you. Thanks for all the encouragement, concern, calls and sms from you. Every little thing that you did, will never by forgotten. Thank you Shan, thank God for you.

My CG, N371. Thanks alot N371. I love you!

Caihui- You knew it. How thankful I am to you. For stepping out, for being so teachable, for loving God whole-heartedly. Thank you very very very much for always standing in the gap for me when I can't. If not for you, I will not have been able to do so much for the cg. Remember the begining of this year, you were "force" to play guitar for me and look now you did it! (:

Constance- You are a powerful woman. Your capacity has been so big, stretching yourself constantly. Cons thanks for your willingness. Thanks for always availing yourself to help me and serve God. Thanks my dear guitarist. Love ya.

Christy- Thank you for always trying your best to help me. You have really been a great help to me. I know it and appreciate them alot. You must jia you and never give up.

Junyong- Many times you have humbled yourself before God and me. Thanks for being able to take the direct truth from me, not many is able to take. You have been strong and I knew you learn from it. Jia you too!

Jiajun- Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness. I am happy to have you with us. I am amazed by how excited you were as you being to serve in dialect church. Look forward for you to grow in God more and bring in more fun and laughter to N371

Dejun- Thanks alot for times where you hang on to God. Thanks for always giving me the honor and respect to me as your leader.

Darius- Darius, I am very proud of you. You have grown so much in God for this year. You have started doing a lot of things which you are not willing to do. Wow!

Sarah- Thanks for always trying. I know deep in your heart you have desired to step out. I knew you tried. Thanks. Love ya too.

Eileen- I am so so so happy to have you to be back with us. Our perseverance for many months has not gone into waste after all. Thank you allowing your heart to be soften towards God. I am looking forward to serve God with you even more
Yoyo- Thanks Yoyo for trusting in me.

Hongjie- Thank you for trusting in me and sharing your life and problems with me. Thanks for giving yourself a chance to know God more. And thanks for always giving me encouragement by loving my bakes.

Weilun- Thanks for being a supporter. I see your "quiet" efforts to always try. Thanks for loving this cg, I have felt it.

Yue Mian and Caipeng- Thanks for joining us.

My post is getting too long. So to cut everything short, thank you everyone(leaders, classmates, colleagues, friends, family and many more) for this year of 2007. My life will not have been so wonderful without you being an angel helping me. =)

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